What Is the Process for the Order Fulfillment Service?

The difficulty of order fulfillment might vary depending on the type of business. A global company servicing customers worldwide will employ a far more complex order fulfillment service than smaller merchants serving a smaller geographic area.

The typical order fulfillment procedure used by most eCommerce companies is shown below.

  1. Take Stock and Store It

Before a customer ever places an order, order fulfillment gets started. Distributors and retailers must first ensure they have enough stock of the products to offer clients online.

  1. Handle client orders

The products are subsequently made available for purchase by clients after being put for sale on your eCommerce website. Your order management or warehouse management system will send you an order request whenever a customer purchases your online business.

  1. Select Items in Order

The warehouse staff will start selecting the products that go into each customer’s purchase after processing the order. The inventory management system, the warehouse layout, and the available technology all influence how the items are picked.

  1. Package Client Orders

After selecting all the components for the customer orders, they are typically put together in a central packing location. A packing sheet for each order will be consulted by warehouse workers, confirming which products go into which shipments. More on this topic can be found at isaimini blog.

  1. Deliver and Ship Orders

It’s time to prepare the orders for shipping after they have been picked and packaged. Making sure that orders are correctly labeled and wrapped to reach their destination safely is part of getting orders ready to ship.

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