The Bridesmaid Checklist: What you Should Do

Are you a bridesmaid at a friend or cousin’s wedding and have you been invited? Wow, congrats! It is a symbol of the love, care and affection you share with the bride. As a bridesmaid, you have to be full of honor and fun as well as responsibilities.

You might think that “I was invited to be a bridesmaid to support my dear friend on her wedding day by wearing the best bridal dress collections 2022. Here are the responsibilities and duties.”

Bridesmaids’ duties before the Wedding

Always be there for the bride. Planning a wedding can be stressful, but it is an exciting and rewarding experience. As a bridesmaid or a friend to the bride, you should be able to help them choose the best wedding gown from the 2022 wedding dress collections. You can also help them find wedding planners or other vendors.

The hen party is a great way to keep the bride happy and stress-free. bachelorette party. Make a WhatsApp group for all bridesmaids. Plan a fun girls’ night that your bride will enjoy and love.

There are many events and parties that can be held for the big day, including the bachelorette party, bridal shower, and wedding party. As a bridesmaid you will need to organize and plan all events.

Now it’s your turn. Some brides prefer that their maid-of-honor wear the same type of wedding dress. Some brides will let their maid of honor choose the style they prefer based on the color scheme. You can choose Dubai as your best choice for bridesmaid dresses.

You can help your friend plan a destination wedding by helping her choose the right location and bookings. You can save yourself the hassle of last-minute changes.

Bridesmaids Duties for the Day of Wedding

Bridesmaids must get ready together for the big day. Discuss with the bride and the other bridesmaids a week prior to the wedding to decide if you will be attending the venue for hair-dos and makeup.

Make sure to have a backup kit of makeup products for the bride. These include lipsticks, mascaras, eye makeup, make-up remover, cosmetics, hair care products, and sewing machines. It is a good idea to pack snacks and dried fruits, since the bride will need energy throughout the day.

You should get ready for the big day early so that you can assist the bride with her makeup. You can save time organizing and planning the venue for the wedding ceremony if you are ready earlier.

A simple rehearsal is a good idea to do with your bridesmaids to learn how to walk down the aisle with the bride. Also, where to stand as the ceremony progresses. You must be prepared to perform your role on the big day.

Your full-time support for the bride during her special day, from the ceremony, through the photo-shoots and on to the after-wedding celebration.

After the party is over, you must ensure that guests have access to transportation to get to their destination.

Your final duty is to take the bridal bouquet and send the newlyweds on their honeymoon.

Be prepared to be a bridesmaid

These are just a few of the many responsibilities you have to fulfill when you’re a bridesmaid. Although it can be stressful, it is also an honor. Being a supportive bridesmaid can help you create beautiful memories that will be cherished forever. Be a bridesmaid soon and enjoy being a bridesmaid!

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