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Unleashing the Full Potential of Precision Machining: The SPV200-5AXIS 5-Axis CNC Machine by Conprofe Ultrasonic

Conprofe Ultrasonic is proud to present the 5 axis CNC machine SPV200-5AXIS, an exceptional 5-axis CNC machine designed to revolutionize precision machining. With its cutting-edge features and advanced capabilities, the SPV200-5AXIS is specifically engineered to tackle the challenges posed by hard-brittle materials, carbon-fiber composites, superalloys, and other hard-to-cut substances.

Intelligent Ultrasonic Spindle

At the core of the SPV200-5AXIS lies Conprofe’s independently-developed intelligent Ultrasonic Spindle. This state-of-the-art spindle is designed to address the difficulties encountered while machining hard-to-cut materials. By harnessing the power of ultrasonic vibrations, it enables precise and efficient machining, resulting in exceptional surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

Optional Cooling Systems for Clean Machining

Recognizing the importance of maintaining a clean machining environment, Conprofe offers optional cooling systems for the SPV200-5AXIS. The Supercritical CO₂ or Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) cooling systems ensure optimal chip evacuation and create a pristine machining environment. These cooling options enhance the machining process, prolong tool life, and reduce maintenance requirements, ultimately improving overall efficiency.

Bridge Gantry Structure for Superior Performance

The SPV200-5AXIS features a robust bridge gantry structure with tilting 5-axis capability. This design offers multiple benefits, including a low gravity center, short overhang, super-strong rigidity, and minimized thermal strain. These features translate into enhanced stability, precision, and performance during machining operations. Manufacturers can rely on the SPV200-5AXIS to deliver exceptional results, even when working with challenging materials.

Versatile Tool Magazine for Increased Efficiency

To maximize productivity, the SPV200-5AXIS is equipped with a chain-type tool magazine with a tool holding capacity of 40 (expandable to 120 with optional configuration). This versatile tool magazine accommodates tools with a maximum diameter of Φ50 mm, a length of 200 mm, and a weight of 5 kg. The chain-type tool magazine enables swift tool changes, minimizing downtime and optimizing overall machining efficiency.


The Conprofe Ultrasonic SPV200-5AXIS represents the pinnacle of precision machining. With its intelligent ultrasonic spindle, optional cooling systems, bridge gantry structure, versatile tool magazine, high-precision control, powerful spindle, and rapid speeds, it empowers manufacturers to overcome the challenges posed by hard-to-cut materials and achieve extraordinary results. Conprofe’s commitment to innovation and excellence makes the SPV200-5AXIS the ultimate choice for those seeking perfection in their machining operations.

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