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Empowering Industries with the EvoTec 2000 kVA Alternator from the TCU468 Series

E voTec introduces the revolutionary TCU468 series, featuring a high-power self-excitation alternator capable of delivering a remarkable 2000 kVA output, catering to the diverse energy demands of modern industries. This powerful alternator, with a power range from 1650 to 2700kVA (4/6 Pole) and the ability to support 400V/480V generators, is designed to ensure excellent energy conversion efficiency, optimal ventilation structure, and a user-friendly maintenance concept, significantly reducing overall operational costs. With its high-power capabilities, the EvoTec 2000 kVA alternator stands as a reliable powerhouse solution, driving seamless and uninterrupted operations across various industrial sectors.

Improved Power Dependability for Commercial and Industrial Use

The 2000 kVA alternator from the TCU468 series by EvoTec is a vital power source for sectors that need a steady and reliable supply of energy. With its robust build and high power output, this alternator ensures reliable performance for heavy-duty machinery, manufacturing units, and other industrial applications, effectively supporting uninterrupted operations even in demanding environments. EvoTec’s focus on delivering high-performance alternators solidifies its position as a trusted partner for businesses seeking efficient and reliable power solutions for their industrial operations.

Effectiveness and Sturdiness in Design

Along with emphasizing outstanding power output, the TCU468 series represents EvoTec’s commitment to long-lasting design and energy efficiency. The alternator increases energy utilization while decreasing operating expenses thanks to its sophisticated energy conversion technology and efficient ventilation layout. The alternator’s lifetime and dependability are further increased by its user-friendly maintenance design, which guarantees a smooth and continuous power supply for a range of industrial applications—even under the most demanding operating circumstances.


EvoTec’s TCU468 series 2000 kVA alternator serves as a driving force for enhanced operational efficiency and performance in diverse industrial sectors.The alternator is still empowering businesses today with its high power output, sophisticated design, and reliable functionality. It guarantees a steady supply of electricity and boosts industrial activities’ total productivity and efficiency. By supplying dependable and high-performing alternators, EvoTec upholds its leadership position in the market and propels industrial operations toward increased productivity and environmentally friendly power generation options.

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