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GETO’s System Formwork Malaysia: Streamlining Construction Excellence

GETO is a renowned brand in the construction industry, offering cutting-edge solutions that redefine construction processes. Their system formwork malaysia sets new standards for efficiency and precision in construction projects. With a wide range of high-quality materials and innovative design, GETO empowers businesses to achieve remarkable results.

The Versatile Flat-Tie System

GETO’s Flat-Tie system is a game-changer in formwork technology. Designed with lightweight accessories and smaller gaps for raking shores, it provides unparalleled flexibility for precise adjustments and verticality control. This results in concrete walls with superior verticality and a smooth finish. The embedded flat-ties ensure that there are no unsightly holes left in the wall upon dismantlement, saving both time and cost on hole filling while guaranteeing excellent waterproofing quality.

The Reliable Tie-Rod System

For wall and column formworks, GETO’s Tie-Rod system is a reliable choice. Comprising tension tie-rods, walers, and raking shores, this system guarantees strength, durability, and stability. The overall stability of the wall body is significantly enhanced through the completion of tension tie-rod and waler reinforcement. While special waterproofing measures are required for the tie-rod holes after dismantling the formwork, the resulting strength and security of the wall are well worth the additional steps.


system formwork malaysia by GETO changes construction practices, enabling outstanding results with its versatility and reliability. Whether it’s typical floors, apartments, office towers, terrace houses, or hotels, their formwork systems provide the perfect solution for your construction needs. With GETO’s commitment to quality and innovation, you can achieve faster construction timelines, precise structures, and impeccable finishes. Embrace the future of construction with GETO’s system formwork malaysia and experience a new level of excellence in your projects.

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