How to match a shirt and tie

A tie may not be worn often. If you do wear it, it’s likely to be layered over a white shirt.

This is a great option.

It’s also quite boring.

Many men are afraid to mix different colors/patterns ties with different shirts. It’s easy to make a more striking and stylish impression once you have mastered the basics.

This is how to mix shirts and tie, starting with the easiest combinations to more complex pairings.


Solid shirts can be matched with solid ties. You can match solid shirts with solid ties in analogous colors or two contrasting shades of the exact same color. For example, a light blue shirt and a dark-blue tied.


You can match a patterned tie to a solid shirt, or vice versa. It is important to ensure that the tie and shirt have a matching or unifying color.


These rules of proper contrast will help you match a patterned tie to a patterned shirt: 1. When mixing different patterns, ensure they are in contrast in size. For example, a wide-striped tie should be paired with a narrow-striped shirt. You can combine two patterns with similar scales, such as a small-polkadotted tie and a thin-striped shirt. However, avoid pairing a tie with small polka dots with an oversized shirt with a tight plaid pattern. Third, make sure there is a matching or unifying color between the shirt and tie.

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