Best Tattoos for Men

It is difficult to choose tattoos for men that you want to inscribe on your body. However, it is much easier to get the tattoo design. Tattoos can be permanent and have many meanings. They also allow you to express your personality. While most people only see the images, there are more to them.

Before you get a tattoo permanently drawn on to you, it is a good idea to research the meanings of each tattoo. A permanent tattoo is difficult to remove. Do your research. Check out a range of symbolic tattoo designs to find the one that suits you best. These men’s tattoos are worth a look.

The Egyptian Ankh

Egypt is a country rich in culture. That is why we decided to start with this Egyptian tattoo. The ancestors wore the Egyptian ankh mainly. These signs represented eternal life in an underworld which existed after the death of people. It is now associated with the sun god.

Scarab Beetle

What size do you prefer your tattoos for guys to be? The scarabbeetle fits perfectly on your chest, back, or forearm. Another ancient Egyptian symbol that represents creation is the tattoo. People saw the scarab beetle rolling a ball of dung as a means of creating. It can be used today to demonstrate to others that you are interested in creating your routine.

Bear Tattoos for men

This tattoo represents the power of the bear, which was what it symbolized to ancient people. These characteristics of the bear are not affected by the 21 st centuries, but their meaning has. This tattoo is used today to represent the desire to return back to nature.

Wolf Tattoo

You can get the wolf tattoo if you love wild animals. This tattoo depicts the wearer of it as a guide and protector. It can also be used to represent intelligence, courage, or the calling of the world.

Endless Knot

Ancient people used the endless knot extensively. The endless knot doesn’t have a beginning or an end and is therefore a great way to express eternity. It is also worn by people to indicate that they are wishing for a long and happy life, or that they are predicting a cycle of death and birth.

The Christian Cross

Do you want the whole world to know that you are religious? Ask your artist for the Christian cross tattooed on your hand, chest, leg, or back. This tattoo is a representation of the Catholic and Christian faiths. The cross can also represent contradiction. It continues to spread on all four sides, without stopping.

Wheel Of Dharma

The wheel of Dharma can be drawn on you with either eight or twenty-four spokes. This image is rich in history and represents the Indian religion. It can be used to represent the virtues required to live or a ship’s wheels, which has a non-religious significance.

Eye Of Horus

Because it is the symbol of protection, healing, care, and protection, the eye of Horus is a common symbol among Egyptians. You can also wear the tattoo to reflect your personal style.


Phoenix is a strong bird and its tattoo symbolizes rebirth, transformation and renewal. Others use it to express the difficulties they have overcome to get to where are today. There are many meanings to the phoenix tattoo.

Trinity Knot

There are many meanings to the trinity knot tattoo for men. They all depend on the individual’s religious beliefs. Christians, for example, believe this tattoo represents three persons: the father, son and holy spirit. The knot symbolizes that the three persons are connected, which means they are one. This tattoo is also used by others to represent the three elements of the universe: water, earth, and air.

Viking Compass

The Viking compass was used by ancient people to signify a safe passage in windy and stormy weather. It was used to guide the bearer when hailing from Iceland.

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