What is 4.5/5 Odds? Should You Bet At This Level?

It can be said that the odds of 4.5/5 are very high compared to normal benchmarks. Most experts consider this rate to receive a huge reward but the risk is not small. If you are still a “novice” looking to learn about different types of bets, please read the following article by New88 for more useful information.
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Learn about the 4.5/5 odds in soccer

According to  New88 experts, the fact that a match has a 4.5/5 odds shows that the difference between the two teams is extremely large. The following are the 2 cases where this number appears the most. Let’s follow along to get the most comprehensive view!

Asian Handicap 4.5/5

At the Asian Handicap, this is an extremely rare handicap that appears only when a team is completely superior to its opponents. They will even win with their B and C squads for this rate to be listed. For an easy-to-understand example, Man City is currently the Premier League champion, when they meet a team in the relegation group of the Championship or the Second Division, they have a handicap of -4.5/5.

Over/Under Odds 4.5/5

Meanwhile, if considered in Over/Under, the odds areodds 4.5/5 can only be truly listed when both possess “fierce” attacks. There must be a team that is overwhelming and completely superior in every aspect. Or sometimes there will be friendly matches of a relaxed nature, both teams do not place much importance on winning or losing.

Currently, only the top teams in European national championships sometimes have this handicap. The most typical ones we can mention are the matches of Bayern Munich, Bayer Leverkusen, Man City, etc. Even the king of C1, Real Madrid, rarely has a score of 4.5/5 because they have a relatively good playing style. careful.

Reasons why you should or shouldn’t play 4.5/5

Regardless of any type of bet, the 4.5/5 bet carries risks. Players need to have certain knowledge to come up with effective investment strategies that bring high profits. Here are a few points that you need to keep in mind if you want to be confident in your own “money investing” decisions.

Should play

Usually, in matches with odds of 4.5/5, the payout rate for the underdog selections will be very high. For example, in the match between Real Madrid and 2nd place team Alaves, the White Vultures will handicap the opponent 4.75. Even if they win, the Bernabeu home team will only achieve a payout ratio of 0.85. Meanwhile, if Alaves brings profits to fans, the bookmaker’s listed mark is up to 1.00.

So when you see the above ratio, invest as much as possible in the underdog in matches with teams that do not like to “destroy” their opponents. Let’s take a look at some familiar faces such as: Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Arsenal, Dortmund,… As for the remaining names Man City, Liverpool, PSG,… they will all win with the maximum difference when possible.

On the contrary, in Over/Under odds, the more “fierce” teams that play will be the safer choice. For example, in Man City’s appearances, it is not difficult to see them win 5-0, 6-0, or even “crush” Leipzig 7-0. Therefore, the more you understand the playing style of the teams, the easier it will be for you to win and you should choose this rate.

Should not play

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the 4.5/5 bet does have a very high payout rate but comes with extremely high risks. Even “big guys” like Man City, Gray Tigers, White Vultures,… will sometimes stagnate in performance or have personnel problems, injuries, etc. This will prevent them from “cancelling”. destroy” an opponent. Like not long ago, Bayern met Preuben in the German Cup with a handicap of only 3.5-4 but at the end of the match, they only won with a difference of 3 goals.
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In addition, the above odds in Tai Xiu are also extremely dangerous. Even like Man City, their last 14 matches only had 5 or more goals in 1 match. Therefore, if you are new to soccer betting, do not choose confrontations with high odds like this. Because although the reward is very good, the risk of losing your money is almost maximum if you lack experience.

Such is the above article of New88 has also brought readers the information they need to know about the 4.5/5 bet. Hopefully, with more advice from experts, players will increase their chances of winning and avoid losing everything. Wishing everyone a good day of betting with money in their pockets.

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