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What Benefits Can a Mobile Computer Bring to Your Company?

It is hardly surprising that mobile computers are evolving in the corporate sphere, given their continual development. They are used in various ways, and their capabilities have significantly increased. In this article, I’ll introduce the mobile device from UROVO and explain why getting one for the business could be a wise investment.


A mobile computer can significantly benefit your business in today’s commercial environment, able to maintain contact with your staff. UROVO uses several smart terminals in innovative retail stores to support full-scene digitalization of store operations, including receiving items, putting them on and off the shelves, creating shopping guides, and altering goods or inventories.

What is an Enterprise Mobile Computer?

An enterprise mobile computer is  specifically used in a professional environment like  manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and retail. It  has specialized features and programs to aid users in completing their jobs more quickly. The eight-core high-speed CPU in UROVO’s  enterprise portable computers boosts processing performance by 40%.

Advantages of a Business Mobile Computer

A corporate mobile PC has many benefits for your company. The following are some advantages of a portable enterprise computer:

One of the unique features of the DT50 portable computer is its expert code-scanning module. It can read standard one-dimensional, two-dimensional  even when the codes are worn out or damaged. This feature is essential given the number and variety of items. By providing precise readings in milliseconds, the UROVO DT50 increases the efficiency of retail inventory procedures. Visit Naasongs to find out more information

Workers should pay particular attention to another benefit, which is the “lifetime” of the equipment. UROVO devices, which include industrial-grade hardware and corning glass that is IP67 sealed, offer the most robust protection.  The high-level of protection ensure DT50 to endure falling from 1.5 meters  and environments with strong dust and moisture. Low power consumption and a long battery life facilitate continuous code scanning for two hours. After that, the operator can continue using the handheld terminal until their shift is through.

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