Welland – A Leading Kitchen Scale Manufacturer Providing Smart Personal Weighing Solutions

Are you looking for a reliable kitchen scale manufacturer that can provide you with smart personal weighing solutions? Look no further than Welland. Our brand specializes in software and hardware research, product development, production, and sales for various body metrics, including body fat, body girth, and body balance.

The Services Provided by Welland

As a leading kitchen scale manufacturer, Welland concentrates on the research, development, production, and sales of software and hardware related to smart personal weighing. Its product range includes body fat measurement, body girth measurement, body balance measurement, and much more. In terms of software products, Welland offers a wide range of options such as Cloud Data for personal health, application for iOS and Android systems, SDK development kit, WeChat mini Apps, and others.

 Advantages of Choosing Welland

Welland has a strong R&D team and App team that supports its OEM custom service. Here are some advantages of choosing Welland:

  1. Welland meets various solutions for BIA fat measuring and communication.
  2. Welland supports SDK and free APP with over 7 Million users worldwide.
  3. Welland has been awarded Top 10 preferred product, “Amazon best seller,” Alibaba verified powerful GSKA factory online.
  4. With a mature supplier chain and 20% auto-machine production, Welland can provide high-quality products at reasonable prices.


Welland is an innovative kitchen scale manufacturer that provides smart personal weighing solutions. It has a wide range of software and hardware products to meet the needs of its customers. With its strong R&D team, App team, and mature supplier chain, Welland can offer excellent quality products at competitive prices.

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