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The Versatile Solution for Transparent ALOx Films

ALOx film caters to various industries, including food, medicine, cosmetics, and precision instruments. With their microwave ability and versatility in achieving different coating types, WEIFU Films provides an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional high barrier structures such as K (PVDC) coating, BOPA, EVOH, and extrusion film.

Prolonged Product Freshness with ALOx Barrier Films
WEIFU Films’ ALOx barrier films are designed to provide extended shelf life for packaged goods. These films protect against external elements such as oxygen and moisture, effectively preserving the freshness and quality of food, medicine, cosmetics, and precision instruments.

Versatile Coating Options for Diverse Packaging Needs
The versatility of WEIFU Films’ ALOx films extends beyond their barrier properties. These films can also achieve different coating types, including water-boiling, retort, high barrier, and microwave heating. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor their packaging to meet specific requirements and ensures compatibility with various heating methods.

WEIFU Films offers a comprehensive range of transparent ALOx films ideal for food, medicine, cosmetics, and packaging precision instrument. These films provide exceptional barrier properties, extending the shelf life of products and ensuring their freshness. With versatile coating options, WEIFU Films’ ALOx films can cater to various packaging needs while replacing traditional high barrier structures. Get in touch with WEIFU Films now to discover their extensive range of ALOx film solutions that can transform your packaging needs.

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