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How to Pluck a Lace Front Wig These 6 Steps Will Get You There

A lace front wig can be complicated to style. We are primarily concerned with how to install, cut and fix a lace front wig. But, one important component is often overlooked: plucking your hair. Although it takes practice to pluck a wig, it is possible for anyone to do it. In this blog, we’ll cover the reasons why you should pluck a wig and what tools you will need. We also explain the process of plucking the wig.

What Does it Mean to Pluck a Wig?

A tweezer is used to remove extra hair from the lace-front wig’s top.

You’ll see that natural hair grows around your natural hairline. This is natural hair growth. On the other hand, a fresh wig may have a hairline that is too straight, too long, too frontal, or too dense. Some wigs even look like a helmet. For a realistic-looking hairline, you can pluck your wig and achieve a density similar to your hair. The resulting hairline of your human hair wig will look natural and grow naturally from your scalp.

How do you pluck a wig?

You will need the following tools for the plucking process: A lace front wig, wig stand, and pins.

Young women often don’t know whether to cut damp hair or dry it. Both are acceptable. Some prefer to have damp hair as it is easier to manage and control. Others prefer to see the hair’s density. It’s up to you.

How to Pluck Lace Front Wigs?

Kameymall has outlined the steps to achieve a natural, satisfying hairline.

1. You can bleach the knots in your hair

This is optional. To make the knots disappear, bleach is used to give human hair wigs an even more natural look. These are the attachment points of hair to the cap at the base.

First, take out the comb from the middle. Next, use a 30–40 developer or two scoops of bleach powder depending on your preference. Apply the developer gently to your hair to prevent it from settling into the hair. Let the bleach sit on the wig for between 30 and 40 minutes before you shampoo the area. You can bleach your hair beautifully if you aren’t sure.

2. Stand your wig up.

Place your wigs in their original boxes and then place them on the wig stand. To prevent it from moving, make sure to secure the wig to the lace at the front of your wig. 8-10 pins should be sufficient.

3. Use Mousse To Make Your Wig and Comb.

Simply comb your human hair wigs to remove knots. Start at the ends and work your way to the roots. Use 2 tablespoons of mousse to comb the hair. This will let you see the hairline of your wig. Tie all hair in a ponytail to secure the wig.

4. You Can Start to Pluck Your Hairline

Use the end of a Rat-tail comb to separate a small section of hair. You can continue to tie the rest of your hair, while allowing the sectioned hair to hang free. Now you can start to pluck. Now, turn the tweezers in your dominant hand so the shorter side is pointed down. It’s great for beginners because it doesn’t remove nearly as much hair as the longer side.

Make sure to pluck hairs close to the roots. Do not grip and pull the lace while plucking. Be gentle and tweeze the hairs in any direction you like. Excessive tweezing can lead to bald spots. Don’t focus too much on one area.

5. It’s now time to move onto the next layer.

With a sectioning tool, remove a few more hair strands. Next, take a few more hairs out of the areas that aren’t as thin as others. It gives the hair an ombre look. The frontals will also appear natural.

6. Make your own baby hair

After plucking your hairline, you can restore baby hair. This will make it look naturaler than the ones included with the wig. Now you can wear your wig as you like.

Many women don’t know how to remove human hair wigs. You can also pluck hair with your long nails if you don’t own a tweezer. Extreme caution is required.

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