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Excellent Chemical Fiber Company: Hengli Petrochemical

The range of uses for chemical fiber has increased recently as a result of the continual advancement of high-end chemical fiber technology. Future applications of related goods to more growing sectors demonstrate how much space there is for growth in the chemical fiber sector. An industry leader in chemical fiber, Hengli Petrochemical, will be discussed in this article.

Details of Hengli Petrochemical

The Hengli Group’s subsidiary is Hengli Petrochemical. It is firmly in the top spot in China’s polyester industry and its primary businesses are the manufacturing, R&D, and sales of PTA and polyester. The layout of upstream and downstream materials has essentially been finished by Hengli Petrochemical, enhancing the structure of product organizations.

Hengli Petrochemical’s technical advantages

Hengli Petrochemical consistently prioritizes innovative research and development as the foundation of business growth, increases investment in this area, and establishes a system for technological innovation. It has secured a number of national patents, including one for Hengli Petrochemical’s ultra-fine fiber.

Hengli Petrochemical’s advantages in production

Hengli Petrochemical expands production by gradually sharing the public works of the refining and chemical park Costs come down in order to take advantage of the synergistic benefits of the entire industrial chain of scale + technology + supporting facilities, deploying four major industrial clusters of “refining + coal chemical industry + ethylene + PTA”.

The capacity advantage of Hengli Petrochemical

Hengli Petrochemical utilizes the most advanced green and intelligent PTA manufacturing process technology available today, which has the advantages of low energy and material consumption, high reliability, energy efficiency, and environmental protection. Hengli Petrochemical PTA is now the only business in the sector with an equity production capacity of 10 million tons, with an annual production capacity that exceeds 10 million tons. Hengli Petrochemical is also still constructing additional PTA manufacturing lines. As a result, PTA’s annual output keeps growing.


Hengli Petrochemical is continuing to advance in the direction of refinement and differentiation through the creation of the Hengli International R&D Center and Hengli Industry-University-Research Base.

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