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Enhancing Connectivity with RF Coaxial Cables by ZTT

Within the dynamic realm of telecommunications and connectivity, RF coaxial cable takes center stage. Leading the charge in the manufacturing and supply of these essential cables is Zhongtian Radio Frequency Cable Co., Ltd., an integral member of the ZTT. Renowned for their steadfast commitment to quality and innovation, Zhongtian Radio Frequency Cable Co., Ltd. has earned its status as a trusted producer and supplier of a wide range of mobile communication cables.

Meeting Varied Demands

Zhongtian Radio Frequency Cable Co., Ltd. is no stranger to the demands of the industry. Yearly, they produce an impressive 80,000 kilometers of radio frequency cables, 10,000 kilometers of leaky coaxial cables, 13,000 kilometers of railway digital signal cables, and 15,000 kilometers of high-temperature cables and accessories. This impressive production capacity enables them to meet the unique requirements of a wide range of customers, ensuring the fastest delivery times.

Unraveling the RF Coaxial Cable

RF coaxial cables are essential components in various communication systems, including mobile networks, broadcasting, and industrial applications. These cables are known for their unique construction, which includes an inner conductor (typically made of copper or copper-clad aluminum), foamed polyethylene insulation, and an outer conductor (either annular or helical corrugated copper tubing). The cables are then protected by a durable jacket, commonly made of PE or LSZH material. This construction ensures efficient signal transmission while safeguarding against interference and signal loss


In the fast-paced world of telecommunications and connectivity, the importance of RF coaxial cables cannot be overstated. Zhongtian Radio Frequency Cable Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the ZTT Group, stands out as a reliable and innovative manufacturer in this field. Their commitment to quality, adherence to global standards, and diverse product offerings make them a go-to choice for businesses and industries seeking top-notch RF coaxial cables. When it comes to staying connected, trust in the excellence of Zhongtian Radio Frequency Cable Co., Ltd.

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