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7 Men’s Fashion Trends that Shouldn’t Work, But Do

We went back to basics with a seasonal edit that included men’s knitwear and puffer jackets.

Trends can change at lightning speed. Many styles gain momentum and are a part of our daily work lives, only to lose popularity quickly. It’s not going away, but some trends are bound to continue.

1. The Wristwatch as a Necklace

A wristwatch was most likely the accessory that you wore with your first button-up right after graduation. A wristwatch has been a staple accessory for many years. It adds formality to your outfit and allows you to track the time. A new trend in men’s fashion is to wear a watch as an necklace. This is not only chic, but it can also be extremely convenient for those who need something quickly to grab while getting ready in the morning. This look is very popular among fashionable characters on TV shows such as “Suits” and “Scandal”.

2. The Floral Shirt

Although it may seem a little girly, this fashion trend doesn’t look too different from a regular polo shirt. While many men can find great jeans to pair with a classic tee, they often lack the right top for their day. A floral shirt can bring some flair and style to any outfit while looking professional. This fashion piece looks best paired with dark jeans and sharp shoes. You don’t want it to read too feminine.

3. The Sweatshirt as a Suit Jacket

This look is not for the weak of heart, or people who fear standing out from the crowd. This look has been popularized by skaters and rappers in America but it is now more common around the globe. It is not surprising that fashionistas of the future will wear suits composed of three pieces. To give the suit an edge, a blazer, shirt and pants are paired together with a longline sweatshirt. This trend can be tried if you don’t want the full look but still want to feel stylish. You can swap the sweatshirt for a basic denim jacket.

4. The Polo Shirt and Dress Shorts

While it’s not unusual to pair your polo shirt and some chino pants or shorts with casual dress, this new look is unexpectedly more formal. This combination has been worn by some of the most prestigious luxury brands, such as Ferragamo and Gucci. You don’t have to wear sneakers with shorts if you don’t want to be seen wearing them. Instead, you can switch to loafers or oxfords that are more elegant and make you feel like a professional without spending a lot of money on a suit.

5. Lumbersexuality:

This look is exactly what it says; the lumberjack style has been a huge hit in today’s fashion scene! This trend is all about the flannel shirt and boots. Facial hair is also a staple. This outfit draws inspiration from the outdoorsman’s look with a modern twist. Flannels are now available in other colors than just blue and green.

6. Statement socks

Socks have evolved from plain white to fun patterns and designs. They are now a great accessory for casual and formal wear. Statement socks are available at most retailers. You can also make your own using colorful fabric. This is a great way to give personality to any outfit and keep your feet warm while looking fashionable.

7. The Down Jacket as Blazer

This look can be described as “the power ranger look”. While the down jacket is not a bad thing, it shouldn’t be worn when you go out. You can wear it as a blazer with jeans or chino pants, but not too formal. As a New York City resident last winter, I saw many men wearing jackets similar to these. I thought they were having fun with fashion but now I understand why. We hope that you enjoyed our article about the top trends in 2017 and that this article helped you to see how you can wear some of them!

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